Under Rugs and loose linings:

  Under Rugs:

  Our Needle Punch Wool and Jute under rugs are made to the same pattern as our covers.  They have shoulder gussets and a rump dart to eliminate slipping and fit perfectly under your Wairau Cover.  They have a deep drop and are also suitable for stable and float.  A 3 slot adjustment in front means less bulk from extra buckles by using the outside covers existing strap.  The rear has a D ring to clip onto existing cover snap hooks. If required we can add nylon leg straps - either stitched on or removeable - the under rug can then be used as a float rug by itself when you add a front strap.  Under rugs are fully bound.

Needle Punch Wool Under Rug:

  All sizes                                       $110.00
With sewn on leg straps               $125.00
With removeable leg straps          $130.00

Jute Under Rug:

Jute All sizes                                $ 100.00
With sewn on leg straps               $115.00
With removeable leg straps          $120.00

  Loose Linings:

  Our loose linings turn an unlined cover into a versatile cover for any weather.  Loose linings are the same shape and drop as our conventional cover lining with a dart in the shoulder and hind quarter for extra shape and fit.  Linings have the top two slots of a standard front and slots to fit over the back D rings.  Both are reinforced with leather.  Two inch velcro  is provided on the top of the tail and wither for  extra stability.  

Jute loose lining               $85.00

  Jute is a natural fibre and  is suitable for spring/autumn.  It can help to remove dead hair as the horse is changing its coat.

Wool loose Lining         $85.00   

This is excellent as a winter liner and makes lighter covers much more waterproof for spring and autumn.  They are made from recycled wool,  needle punched onto a polyprop backing.

Cotton loose Linings       $85.00  

Pre washed 7oz cotton lining is perfect as a summer lining - it helps to polish the coat and is easily washed.

All our linings, being made from natural fibres, are very breathable.



Front of a Loose lining.  

Back of a loose lining 

Velcro attachments at top of tail and wither