REGENTEX 18 Canvas

Regentex 18 canvas is specifically imported into and extensively used in New Zealand to manufacture premium horseware for harsh weather conditions. Its breathable characteristics ensure that the horses health is not compromised while its ripstop weave is robust for equine vandals. Lightweight and easy to use Regentex provides the traditional British quality made horsewear solution for both the winter and summer months.

Weight 18oz proofed to 21oz

Colour Blue or Green

Suitability Unlined as a shell over cotton, jute and wool loose linings/under rugs for all year round. Wool lined for winter - the best option for heavy rainfall, cotton or jute lined for spring and autumn low to mid rainfall.


Recycled Wool needle punched onto a backing to keep maximum strength and shape. This product makes an excellent winter lining for all areas in New Zealand and is stable enough to be used as an under rug.

Winter heavy rainfalls: Regentex 18oz with needle punch wool lining (cotton or jute lining not recommended in heavy rainfall areas for winter covers)

Sizes 18 oz


Jute or Cotton lined

Needle punch

or pure wool

3'6 3'9 & 4'




4'3 4'6 & 4'9




5' 5'3 & 5'6





Tail Guard - $20.00

Extra Drop - $50.00

Tail Bag Velcro Attachment - $15.00

Neck Cover Straps - no charge

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