Neck Cover Features

Neck covers are available in your choice of canvas and linings. All neck covers have leather strapping, a strip sewn to stop them sliding down the neck, and an anti rub strip over the mane. They are fitted to the cover with a strap and buckle fitting, the strap being on the cover and the buckle on the neck cover. There are four styles for you to choose from. 


Suit most ponies and thoroughbreds. Standard Neck Cover


Perfect for rubbed out manes !! These neck covers take the pressure off the lower part of the crest where manes tend to rub out.They sit extremely well and are one of our best sellers. 




Curved Wraparound


These neck covers are ideal for Warmbloods or any of the wider crestier types. They are deeper through the shoulder area and meeting under the neck are great for clipped horses during the winter, while having the option to be left a bit more undone for airflow if required. 


Also available is a wraparound without the curve in the crest. 






The types of neck cover are shown here

White = Standard

Blue = Curved

Green = Wraparound 

Neck Cover Comparison.jpg


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Cotton or Jute Lined

Needle Punch or

Pure Wool













Curved & Wraparound