Measuring your horse.

Cover measurements in New Zealand are still taken in feet and inches, however we can convert centremetres into feet and inches if you don't have an inch measure tape.

The back length of a cover is measured along the topline of the horse following the contour - from just in front of the wither (A) along the spine, over the croup and to the end of the buttock/tail area (B) including approx the top two inches of the dock - if you can visualise a line dropped straight down at this point as per diagram .Make sure you follow the contour of the horse, don't just stretch the tape out in a straight line.

                                         A ↓                                                                             B

                         measuringpic1.jpg  measuringpic3.jpg  measuringpic2.jpg

The chest is measured starting from in front of the wither (A - at the same start point as you measured the length on the topline) following the line of the shoulder and around to the front centre of the chest where that central groove is (C - where the cover does up). This measurement is particularly important if your horse has a big shoulder or is wide in the chest.


C    chestline.jpg   DSC_6151a.JPG    DSC_6158a.JPG

We only require one side of the chest to be measured. Photos above show a cover fitting correctly on the horses neck/chest.

Neck length is measured from (A) to just at the back of the poll (D).

Cover 'drop' (or depth) is measured from top of wither (A) to about mid forearm - our normal cover drop is approx 40 inch - this is a good standard drop for most horses up to a 5' cover - 5'3" and larger rounder horses may require an 'extra drop' length of 6 inches added to the bottom of the cover for winter in particular.

Please Note: when measuring at (A) the wither point; please measure from just IN FRONT of the actual bony part of the wither - NOT on top of the wither on the bony area.

When a cover sits and fits correctly the very front top of it sits in front of the wither just at the start of the fleshy part of the neck - not on the bony part of the wither which can lead to sore and rubbed areas and the cover slipping back because it will be short in back length and too loose in the chest.

Correctly fitting cover





An average guide to fit in relation to horse height would be:

4' - 12.2 hh      4'3" - 13-14 hh         4'6" - 14-15 hh        4'9" - 15 - 16 hh       5' -   16 - 16.2 hh       5'3" - 16.2 - 17 hh

5'6" - 17 - 17.2 hh

We can make a cover to suit your horses measurements, normally at no extra cost for easily made adjustments.