Curved Neck Covers

Curved neck covers were designed by us to combat the problems so many people were having with the lower portion of their horses manes rubbing out. While they look a bit strange for a start, they soon become one of those things you can't do without if you wish to keep a plaitable mane.

These are photos of a horse with a rubbed out mane before and after he started wearing a curved Neck cover.





   This horse got a new cover and curved neck cover which was also wraparound and wool lined. It was made out of winter weight canvas so it was no light weight. It needed to keep out rain and keep a clipped horse warm in the middle of a wet cold winter.



The grown back mane speaks for itself but you can read the recommendation from our customer below: 



Hi Jane

Wanted to email you this to show what a superb job the curved neck rugs have done.

Sunny has been without the lower third/half of his mane for the entire 4 years I've had him.

When I put Sunny into the curved neck rug part way through winter last year he had a completely rubbed out mane, something that seems typical these days. While wearing his new Wairau his mane actually grew back! By the end of winter he had a normal mane and now it looks superb.

The brumby and now breeze covers with curved neck rugs have continued this and apart from that part of the mane being slightly darker in colour it is just as long and grows well, and I've noticed it's thickening up all the time. As you can see; no problems with its length for plaiting now!! So very very pleased.

 Kind regards and very grateful