Cover Features 



Wairau Covers are made from the best quality canvas and materials we can obtain, and we use as much Natural Fibre as possible to make your horse comfortable in a wide range of weather. Lack of synthetics means less overheating due to more breathability, and better moulding to the shape of your horse, helping to reduce rubbing and chafing. 

All canvas fabrics are tearstop to contain rips to the smallest possible area until they are able to be fixed. Fabric weights are given in ounces. All canvas have 2 weights, the base cloth weight and the weight after dye and waterproofing have been applied. As different brands use different weights we have included both in our fabrics descriptions along with their brand names. 



 Wairau Covers have a substantial shoulder gusset for unrestricted movement and to stop shoulder rubs.The front strap is removable and has 3 height settings for smaller or larger necks. A well shaped topline and 2 back darts over the rump keep the covers in place and stop slipping. All covers apart from cotton duck have a 40 inch or 1metre drop with extra depth available for taller horses. 




Quality of fittings is important to protect your horse from injury. We have two options for snap buckle fittings. Covers come as standard with Taiwanese snap buckles, however English snap buckles, which are known for their strength and durability are available at extra cost as an alternative option. Leather strapping finishes off the covers. We guarantee workmanship and materials are of a high standard and know that our covers will give our customers good value for money.











Cover Care  (click to take me to canvas and cover care information)

  Our rugs are proofed for the highest level of protection against water, rot and mildew.  To maintain peak condition takes some simple care:

*Before use, hose the rug thoroughly, particularly along the seams and allow to dry completely before use to maximise waterproofing performance.

*Clean regularly with water and soft brush. DO NOT USE SOAP OR DETERGENTS

*Store thoroguhly dry in a well ventilated, rodent free area.  If storing for long periods, open up periodically.

*Ater extended use, reproof with a good quality canvas waterproofing treatment.